Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can't Let Go

Hello. It's been a while; I realize that. When friends ask why I haven't written anything in months, I describe my feelings around this blogging break as a "divorce" from the blogging world. I haven't written a post, I haven't been reading other blogs (regularly), I haven't been checking out my stats, nothing. Yes, my break was sudden and fairly extreme, but I'm not sure that I can call it a divorce. A divorce is ugly, painful, and final. While I experienced disappointment and frustration I'm not ready to say that I am done forever.

What does this mean? Who knows! I sure don't. I'm not ready to commit to updating regularly and I still have no idea what my "niche" would be. Maybe I do need to throw in the towel and say goodbye.

I'll think about some things and keep you posted. ;)
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