Monday, March 11, 2013

My Trouble with Blogging

It's obvious that I haven't been posting much here on the blog. There are many reasons for that (some of which I've already shared):
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Lack of support 
  • Unclear vision 
  • Guilt 
Today I want share some of my thoughts and feelings on my lack of motivation and support. 

Blogging can be a tricky world because the blogging community has built a reputation as being super friendly and supportive, but it's really hard to break into that community. Sure, there are bloggers all over the world who are friends with one another but it’s almost as though they’ve reached their friend capacity.

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm not participating in the community with a genuine blog focused attitude. I mean, I love to read blogs, but many of them are already well established and successful in the field. Becoming friends with me doesn't necessarily matter because they've already made a name for themselves, have thousands of followers, and created a trusted circle of creatives around them. 

This leads me to the question, should I be searching for more up and coming, unknown blogs out there? Yes, I definitely should. But where to start? How do I find them? Do I do random topic searches? Should I look to see who other blogs are linking to? How do people find me? A person only has so many hours in a day to focus on so many people and posts. 

When Vine came out (a new social media platform), Bri Emery of Designlovefest said that she wanted to try it, but when you add a new platform a previous one suffers. I think that this is also true of the blogs you read. I think people reach a capacity for how much they can read and take in. When they find a new blog to follow, it usually distracts them from a previous one.

Finally, I wonder if blogging is on the way out. When you’re in the blogging community, it is huge. When you’re outside of it (or trying to tell friends and family about it), it is actually feels pretty tiny. If it is running it’s course, then what will take it’s place? What platform or tool will take it’s place?

I feel a little bit like a negative nancy with this post. This community needs positivity and encouragement, and my goal is not to take away from that. I’ve been in a blogging slump and I’m trying to figure out if I should throw in the towel or work through this time in order to come out on the other side.


  1. I totally understand! I'm trying to get mine going, it's not easy. I say keep at it, I enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Thank you D! Your comment is encouraging and reassuring. :) I love checking in on how the Lowrys and Johnstons are doing. Keep it up, friend!

  3. I just popped in via BlogMilk shop - so now you know how people find you :) I agree and understand and I felt the same way. I started blogging about 2 years ago and i still struggle to find my voice, my niche... right now I am working on a huge re-design of Spunkyrella with the lovely Ana Degenaar which makes me revaluate my content, my direction.

    I know about Vine, Patch, etc. but I do feel it´s better to manage one or two social media outlets instead of signing up for every new one that is outthere but then the task of updating leaves you overwhelmed and eventually backing out at all.

    Joanna Goddard from The Cup of Jo blog once said in an interview that she strongly believes that blogs won´t be there forever. That might be true, I don´t know. I think if you only blog because you want to make money, that will only last you so long but with the increasing popularity of Instagram and Twitter which are also much easier to update as contrary to blogging, it seems as everyone is blogging and putting their personal life out there.

    I contacted a few of the bigger bloggers and always got nice response - they may not have the time to answer lengthy emails but I am sure they like a tweet or shout-out as much as the next up-and-coming blogger.

    Also I think the following will not be as important anymore as soon as GFC is down.

    Ok enough for a Sunday morning :) I - for instance - would love to stay in touch with you and this blog is on my RSS from now on :)

    Have a lovely day!



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