Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baking Bread - Help!

I've decided I would like to venture into the world of bread baking. I've never done it before and, quite frankly, the idea intimidates me. I think I'm nervous because so much precision is required. What if I put too much water in? Or don't knead the dough long enough? Ugh, these are all questions that have kept me out of the game until now.

I have faced intimidation before (it took me weeks to get over the idea of roasting tomatoes), but I can't let it stop me anymore. As I mentioned last week, preparing different meals more regularly has really helped me feel more confident, even when I mess up. It's with this new found confidence that I'll be trying something new, but I would still LOVE your tips, suggestions, recommendations, or warnings. :)

(Photos from Quiet Like Horses. Sobrina makes bread making look like nothing! Check out her recipes here)


  1. you can do it stacy!! i recommend making the wheat bread for sure :)

  2. We are so proud of your efforts in the kitchen. Your perseverance and creativity will prevail!


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