Monday, December 10, 2012

Packing for A Plane

Rob and I will not be travelling far this holiday season. We’re lucky enough to have family live nearby, so we only have to spend minimal time in the car. Saying that, I realize this time of year can be mayhem in airports, train stations, and highways across the world.

Do you have to board a plane to see family this year? If so, what will you be bringing with you for your trip? Here is my go-to list of must haves for a plane ride:
  • Magazines – Trashy (People or Us), home/ life (Real Simple), or cooking (Bon Appétit) work wonders to distract me from recycled air, bumpy turbulence, and tight quarters. 
  • Music – An iPod, mp3 player, or mix tapes of some kind are an absolute must. 
  • Reading – For longer flights, I need more serious reading by the time I finish flipping through my mags. 
  • Warmth – I always, ALWAYS recommend packing a sweater (and socks if you’re serious) on a plane. It is absolutely impossible to find a common temperature for that many people, so it seems that they err on the side of frigid. 
  • Security – I don’t actually have a security type item. I wanted to include this on the list because I have a friend that has to bring her “feely” that she rubs between her fingers as the plane is taking off and landing. If you’re a nervous flyer, this would be absolutely necessary. 
Even if you are not flying this year, what are your plane ride must haves? Is there anything you can’t live without while flying?

(Photo taken by my friend Sarah, as we were leaving for our Euro Trip 2012)


  1. I must have shoes that are easy to get on and off; between security and comfort on the plane EASY is a must!

    On longer flights, in excess of 3 hours, I always have several puzzle books along (Sudoku, word searches). They help occupy my time.


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