Monday, December 3, 2012

A Relaxing Weekender

What kind of weekender are you? Do you like to relax the whole time, catch up on your to-do list, or pack your days full of activities? Rob and I usually pack our weekends full of activities, but I'm finding myself becoming more and more of a relaxer (or at least wanting to be one). It's like the weekend rolls around (especially Sundays) and I just want to chill, watch some Rick Steves, and hang with my loves (Rob + Zoey). As I prepare to start work on Monday, my mind starts racing with blog post ideas, a game plan to tackle my weekly to-do list, and so many other things that would make me a better/ more organized person. :)

I struggle with feeling like I should have done more, while enjoying my time of rest. Rationally, I know it makes sense to enjoy a time to relax, but the guilt still tries to creep in. Isn't it in our culture to always feel like we should do more? How do we kick that? I imagine it takes practice and confidence in our decision making, because if we are confident in our decisions, then we won't second guess ourselves.

How do you relax guilt-free? Or are you unable to as well? 
(Photo taken at Castle Rock State Park in 2009)


  1. Sometimes I think it's okay to space out for a weekend and not cross things off your things to do list. I used to love being busy all the time, but I also know that slowing down is important for my sanity (and Jeff's too).

    PS you might like this story, on idleness and not worrying about being busy all the time:


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