Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looks Like Summer Decided To Hang Out For a Bit

Remember when I said that Summer was almost over? Well, that sure backfired. It has been absolutely hot as blazes here. I'm talking almost 100 degrees! In October! Yuck! I know this sounds completely hypocritical since I was so bummed about it ending just a week ago, but I have a small window of tolerance for heat. I sit comfortably between 65-77 degrees; anything above 82 and I start to wilt like a fragile flower in July. To make matters worse, my awesome car only has organic air conditioning (read: my AC doesn't work and I have to roll with the windows down!) + I live in an area with LOTS of slow moving traffic. Ugh.

Welp, enough with this pity party, I've got to go stand in front of the fridge! 

P.S. While this photo is plenty embarrassing, I feel it accurately represents my wilted flower analogy. Look at that flushed skin and drooping eyes. I melt (and not in the "that baby is so cute" or "Ryan Reynolds has his shirt off" kind of way). 
(Taken in Florence in 2012)


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