Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do You Collect?

Do you collect anything specific when you travel? Shot glasses? Pens? Magnets? I'm not a huge collector and don't have anything specific to get when we go on trips. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy some shopping (especially for jewelry :), but there is never anything that I have to search out.

I've tried to be a collector or souvenir shopper in the past by picking up magnets wherever I went, and asked my roommates to do the same (Bon - remember that was going to be our "thing"? ha!), but it kind of fell flat. I admire those that can really commit to that kind of collection, like my brother. He has done an amazing job at collecting shot glasses over the last couple of years, and has even talked others into grabbing them for him as well. He has well over 100, probably closer to 200! I just don't know what I would want badly enough to have that many of.

What kinds of items do you collect (if any) when you travel? How long have you been collecting?
(Photos: one and two)


  1. Hahaha I totally don't remember that! But I do remember our wall of quotes. That was funny. And I believe that you tried to talk me into collecting magnets-- definitely a "Stace" thing to do.


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