Monday, October 22, 2012

Content Issue 4.4

Content's latest issue, Education, has landed! I'm super excited because we were able to interview Vincent Kartheiser (a.k.a. Pete Campbell from Mad Men) and have a very real conversation about life and death. It's exciting to watch the magazine grow and continue to gain momentum.

If you haven't already done so, you should subscribe. I realize that is a blatant sales pitch, but I can't help but feel pride for what my city does and how beautifully Content displays that (I have no problem talking about how beautiful it is because I don't actually contribute to any of those parts :). The whole team does a fantastic job of uncovering what is happening throughout the city, as well as the people who are making it happen.

Even if you can't bring yourself to subscribe (even though it only breaks down to $3.50 a month ;), flip through a copy today. You can download a copy on our website or found us at one of these retailers.


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