Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The End of Summer is Near...

I am usually a dedicated winter person; I absolutely LOVE when it rains, hot chocolate is a staple for me, and cozying up next to a fire with my guy sounds like a dream. That's why this September has been so weird for me. I am not ready for summer to end and I feel like I have been mourning the loss of long, sun-filled days. I've even found myself feeling sad about warm weather outfits I didn't get much use out of this year! Say what?! I know, it's odd for me to miss summer before it's gone, especially because I'm usually trying to push it out faster than it would leave on it's own.

I think my attitude started shifting when I began working in an office. Back in the day (when I did nails), I had a glimpse of the outside world multiple times an hour. These days, I can go 2-3 hours before even taking a peak outside. Plus, it's kind of a bummer to start work in the dark and leave work in the dark. I don't know how people closer to the poles do it; Finland gets 23 hours of darkness a day in the middle of winter (yikes)!

I don't think that the office is to blame in this situation, I think it's just a part of life to work regular business hours. Saying that, I can acknowledge my appreciation for extended sunlight that working in a cube has given me. Being able to eat dinner outside well after work has finished, or taking extended strolls through the neighborhood are activities I enjoy and will miss as the sun sneaks away earlier and earlier. Fortunately for me, winter storms and hot chocolate wait for me on the other side...

Are you in an office most of the day? How do you deal with restricted outdoor access?
(Photos: #1 - Lunch at Little Chef, #2 - Zoey sunbathing in the backyard, #3 - Strolling & dinner with friends!)


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