Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Work

This week has helped me realize a few things:
  • If I want to give my Europe posts my best efforts, then I need to give them more time than I have
  • I need to prioritize my responsibilities and how I spend my time
  • I am easily inspired, yet I want to bring my inspiration into action
  • I deeply enjoy summer fruit and the delicious juice it makes
  • I would really love to be a person who keeps a clean room
I definitely wanted (and planned) to have my Prague post up for everyone today, but I sat down much too late to give it the effort it deserves. I don't want to put forth half an effort (and be unsatisfied with the results) just to have a post up, so I've decided that I will wait to post it until next week. Even though I feel a tinge of disappoint in myself, I need to remember that the quality of my content is most important. I hope you agree.

BUT if you're jonesin' for some Europe pics, here are highlights (in case you missed them) from:
(Photo taken in Austria in 2012)


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