Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Postcards

When traveling, postcards are a great way to send a little something to a loved one back home. They are light weight, you can find them practically anywhere, and they make people feel special. Here's the thing: I NEVER send postcards to people. I always have these grand plans to pick a place that reminds me of a friend or family and send it back home so they know that I am thinking of them; I just never get around to actually doing it. My best friend Julie, on the other hand, is amazing at it. She always sends postcards while she's away and I love to hear how her trip is going.

I don't know why I don't do it. Maybe I'm intimidated by foreign postal services, or perhaps I really am just selfish and lazy. Whatever the reason, I tell myself I'll be different the next time. Ha! Who knows, maybe you'll get the one and only postcard I mail.

Do you send postcards while traveling? What motivates you to do it?

(Photo from Moments of Magic)


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