Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Fun Facts

Did you know that the first Winter Olympic Games were not held until 1924? I had no idea. Or that Norway is the country that has won the most medals at the Winter Games (263 in total)? As I did some digging, I found quite a few fun facts: 
  • In the first modern Olympics, Athens 1896, first place winners were awarded silver medals and olive branches. Second place contestants were awarded bronze medals and third place finishers left empty handed.
  • First place winners in the 1900 Paris Olympics received paintings instead of gold medals because they were considered to be more valuable.
  • The first Olympic city to award Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals was St. Louis in 1904.
  • A record 202 countries participated in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens.
  • Three continents – Africa, South America, and Antarctica – have never hosted an Olympics.
  • The United States has won more medals (2,189) at the Summer Games than any other country.
  • China did not win a medal until 1984. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics alone, they received 100 medals including 51 gold.
Would you rather receive a painting or a gold medal for your first place finish?  


  1. Screw the painting, go for the gold medal!


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