Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travel Playlist // Repost

Although we are doing most of our traveling through Europe via train, having calming music can make all the difference in the world. That's why I've decided to re-post the Airport Playlist that Robbie created. It's the perfect background to a potentially stressful situation. Enjoy!

Waiting for a flight at an airport can be stressful. Tension can be caused by a number of different factors, including the anxiety of making sure you don't miss your flight, a discomfort of actually being in the air, or worrying about being unavailable for several hours at a time. Whatever the reason may be, airports can be a stressful place for many. Whether I'm traveling for vacation or visiting friends, I find myself in airports a few times a year. Luckily, I'm married to a man that has a knack for making playlists that fit a mood perfectly. Recently, I asked Robbie to create a calm playlist that can help me relax as I'm waiting to head to my next adventure. He has nailed it again. Here is my new airport playlist:

Death Cab for Cutie: Brothers On a Hotel Bed
Kanye West: Street Lights
Gregory Alan Isakov: Big Black Car..
The National: Start a War
Cat Power: The Greatest
Sufjan Stevens: Casmir Pulaski Day
Antony and the Johnsons: Another World
David Bazan: Won't Let Go
Fleetwood Mac: Songbird
Jimmy Eat World: For Me This Is Heaven
Page France: Jesus
Bon Iver: Beth/Rest

What are your songs or albums while traveling?
All songs and albums can be found at your local record store. 
(Photo: weheartit)


  1. Love Cat Power! And Songbird is one of my all-time favorite songs; Christine McVie is FAR superior to Stevie Nicks. :-)


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