Monday, July 16, 2012

The Romance of Venice

Today we venture into Venice, Italy. Venice is an amazingly romantic city with beautiful scenery and jovial people. The sun glistens off the water just right and the sound of water softly breaking against the buildings is perfect. Last time Robbie and I were in Venice we celebrated our third wedding anniversary (talk about spoiled) and totally splurged on a meal right along the canal. To be honest, we don't remember the meal being that great, but the atmosphere was incredible. Here is an excerpt from our last trip to Venezia...

Day 9 - July 9, 2009
I love Venice from the water; it is such a beautiful place. I love watching the sun glisten on the surface of the water. It seems so whimsical and romantic. I love the smell of the water and the breeze on my face. I am going to miss this. 

This time around, we probably won't eat right on the water, unless we pack a picnic. We'd rather spend our money on an amazing meal and enjoy the environment by walking along the water. I'm so excited to snap pictures of the colorful houses and live like a local.

Do you have any recommendations for Venice? Any tourist traps to avoid?
(Photos from the Airbnb accommodations we will be using during our stay)


  1. Did you walk by the hotel we stayed in back in 2009? Did you take the water taxi to Burono (the Capitola of Italy) and Murano (for the amazing glass factory)? How about eating in the fabulous Italian restaurant we ate in several times while in Venice? The Chase card should work there and Momma Ernst is willing to feed the 6 of you in one of my favorite cities! The food was great and the service was spectacular. Enjoy it on us!

  2. Congrats with the choice. Italy is a perfect destination for a vacation! So glad for you!


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