Friday, July 6, 2012

Guten Tag, Berlin

Tonight we depart from Malmo and take an overnight train to Berlin. Berlin is the city that I know the least about. Robbie has been the most excited about visiting Berlin, so  I left the researching up to him. I'm not totally sure what to expect from the people to food to weather. I have always wanted to visit a beer garden, and I definitely want to see the world's largest mural on what remains of the Berlin Wall. Other than that, I'm open!

Do you have any recommendations on Berlin? Anything that I have to see in the next couple of days?
(Photos of the Airbnb accommodations we will be using during our stay)


  1. The bridge that starts with a B (really more of an arch), which I can't remember. It's where the separation between East and West Germany was located. Guess it should be close to the remnants of the Berlin Wall?


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