Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dishcrawl San Jose

Last Wednesday my good friend, Sarah, and I attended the vegetarian Dishcrawl in Downtown San Jose. Dishcrawl is similar to a pub crawl, except it focuses on food instead of alcohol. We met at a starting location and began the testing right away! Food is such a great equalizer and ice breaker. Sarah and I didn't know anyone else before the event, but were able to make strike up conversations easily.

From here, we walked to three more establishments. Each offering different textures and flavors, while all focusing on vegetarianism. My favorite stop of the night was with SV Local Market (#2). SV Local Market isn't a formal establishment, rather it's an online Farmer's Market. Paige (the owner) created SV Local Market to bridge a gap between CSA's and the people who feel overwhelmed by them. For dinner, she presented an entire meal created with local ingredients; cheese from local goats, honey from a local bee keeper, and fruity beverages from local trees.

Overall, it was a GREAT night; Sarah and I loved it. It was so fun to walk around downtown and try places we'd never been before.

Locations included: Good Karma / SV Local Market / Fahrenheit / Whipps


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