Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Sweets

I am a girl who loves her sweets. No matter how full I may be, I am never too full to eat a sweet treat. Here is a collection of treats I am currently craving, as well as those that are too good to pass up...

What is your food weakness? 
(Chocolate Chip Cookies / Layered Banana Cake / Brown Butter Raspberry Tart / Hot Chocolate / Chocolate Swirl Buns)


  1. you should try this lemon sorbet recipe that lindsey found! it's really easy and tasty!


  2. I love hot berry pie with lots of vanilla ice cream. Also, I make great rocky road candy!

  3. O.K., I'm all over the lemon sorbet and the homemade rocky road candy. Just toss out the invite and I'm there!

    My Mom used to make homemade fudge and toffee at Christmas. I miss my Mommy!

    But, let me add, anything coffee (my comfort "food") or mango sounds delicious to me. And, one of our favorite restaurants in Aptos, Bittersweet Bistro, serves an amazing raspberry cobbler with raspberry ice cream. Oh my gosh, it's heavenly!


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