Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unique Grilled Cheese

Over the weekend, we had friends over for a bring your own beef (B.Y.O.B) BBQ. Although my usual go-to in a situation like this would be to throw some veggies on a skewer and brush them with an olive-oil/balsamic vinaigrette, I wanted to to try something different. That's when I remembered this grilled cheese recipe...

Joanna from A Cup of Jo has been posting a Basic Food Series and one of her first posts was unique twists on the classic grilled cheese. What you need is Brie cheese, one pear, some Nutella, and a couple of slices of bread. The recipe calls for multi-grain bread, but I used a loaf of French bread instead (you can find the entire recipe here). I must say that the final result was pretty delicious. I absolutely love brie cheese so I was pretty convinced I would like this right away, but the mix of pear and Nutella was perfect. I must warn you ahead of time, it is pretty sweet (a friend said it was like having dessert for dinner). If you're not huge on sweets, I'd recommend trying the savory recipe included in her post.

Have you ever tried variations of classic dishes? If so, please share!


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