Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer is Coming

Since I'm out of school, I no longer rely on the usual time markers (i.e. mid-terms, Spring Break, finals, etc.) to remind me where I am throughout the year. One could probably argue since that I don't have an actual summer or winter break, then I don't need those time markers. Saying that, it's still fun to notice when the seasons are changing. This past weekend was that for me. The weather was beautiful, we had friends over for a BBQ, and the windows in my house were open throughout the evenings. It was a sure sign that summer is ahead!

What was the weather like where you are?
(Photo taken in Maui in 2010)


  1. It was wonderful! The temperature reached 95 in Palm Desert. I am very excited about summer:).

  2. i got a sunburn while driving the forklift around today at work today. summer might finally be coming to the greater vancouver area!

  3. I think 95 is WAY too hot for me; I start to wilt when temperatures get above 90 degrees.

    Andrew - Yay! I'm glad the sun is starting to make an appearance and that you were able to soak it in!


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