Friday, May 11, 2012

Have a Joyful Weekend

This weekend Robbie and I are headed to San Francisco for a friends wedding. I'm expecting it to be an absolutely gorgeous wedding, with great people, lots of dancing, and tons of delicious food. Plus, I think I may have talked Robbie into staying overnight, so it'll be like a mini getaway! After we recover from dancing the night away, we will spend Sunday with our mums (for Mother's Day, don't forget!).

What do you have planned for this weekend? Will you be surprising your mom with something special?
(Photo via A Cup of Jo)


  1. Yes, my children both surprised me with nice Mom's day remembrances. My son and daughter-in-law (YOU) spent the night in SF and joined us for brunch at The Stinking Rose. What a great restaurant; we'll definitely go to again. Then, I received a lovely worded card and a gift certificate for Kiva. That was fun receiving and using! The other son called me from college and told me my present was arriving by mail but that I couldn't open it until he got home (on May 28th)! Guess I'll just have to make Mom's Day last all month!


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