Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Collection : Bags

I'm not the type of girl who is into buying lots of designer purses (Coach, Louis Vutton, Gucci, etc.). In fact, I've never actually owned a legitimate designer purse, instead I own the knock-off versions found from street vendors or at purse parties. Rather than expensive purses I would worry about putting on the ground, I love utilitarian backpacks, satchels, carryalls, etc.

As I'm beginning to prepare for our trip, I've been doing some research for a functional backpack that I can use as a day pack. Naturally, I've allowed myself to become distracted during my search and headed over to Lyla & Blu's tumblr page. It looks like I've struck a goldmine for bag inspiration. Backpacks, satchels, carryalls (you name it!), all made of canvas, leather, and cloth. They've collected and posted some of the dreamiest looking bags. I would love any of the three backpacks included above.

Do you have an affinity for bags? Or are they strictly utilitarian?


  1. i bought my chrome backpack a long time ago and i still love it. it's not great for organizing but it is roomy, tough, waterproof and comfortable with small or large loads. they're not cheap and they don't even make the one that i have anymore, but i still think they're quality stuff. plus, they are made in SF. that's cool.


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