Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wanderlust: Munich, Germany

Guys, wanderlust has hit me again (then again, I'm not sure it ever goes away). As the weather heats up, my mind heads straight to summer and all of the fun things it brings. Last week I was talking to a co-worker about vacation and he described the summer trips he took to visit family in Germany. He talked about the jovial nature of Munich's people, the warm weather that lends itself to evenings spent in city centers, and the celebratory nature in which people embrace their friends and neighbors. After talking with him, I started jonesin' (BIG TIME) for a trip to Munich. It would be a great opportunity to check out a Beer Garden, and I'm sure I would be drawn to the city's rich history and beautiful architecture. Now to decide, would a visit during Oktoberfest or a summer Beer Garden be best?

Have you traveled to Munich? Would you choose a beer festival in October or a community eat out in July? 
(Photos: All Things Europe / Twin City Photos)


  1. Munich IS beautiful whether seen in the summer or October. I would probably rather not go in October as the area is SO crowded with Octoberfest. Although Germany during Octoberfest would be activity charged, I guess, for me, the summer beer garden experience would be preferred. Since I was only 15 the last time I visited Munich, I guess it's about time to plan another visit!


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