Friday, March 23, 2012

Have a Restful Weekend

I'm headed out of town for a girls weekend. We'll be nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains and the forecast shows rain on Sunday. I'm excited to spend time with friends and hopefully catch up on some much needed rest (this week was exceptionally busy and took me by surprise).

What are your plans this weekend?
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  1. I am very excited that the alarm will NOT be going off tomorrow morning!

  2. I went to Women's Retreat also. I took 2 new friends and enjoyed introducing them to all my "old church" friends. The speaker was amazing; someone who really spoke to my heart. Although the rain did not hold off until Sunday, we still had a great time and great conversation.

    Hey, Sports Babe,
    Several people told me I had an amazing daughter-in-law. Of course, I agreed!


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