Friday, March 2, 2012

Have a Great Weekend

Robbie and I have a fun friend weekend ahead. One of Robbie's best friends, Brent (Sarah's husband) will be visiting from Chicago this weekend, my old salon (Los Gatos Nailworks) is having a client appreciation party, our roommate Kevin is playing a show on Saturday evening, and then I'll be going to my friend's baby shower (she's having twins!) on Sunday. I'll be exhausted by Sunday evening, but it'll be a jam packed weekend full of fun (who needs sleep anyway?!).

What are your plans this weekend?
(Photo: via Joanna Goddard)

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  1. My husband and I plan on attending the party at Los Gatos Nailworks also. After the party is another party, my good friend is turning 50! It should be fun. On Sunday, I am treating my mom to a show called "In The Mood". It's music from the 40's. I will also be dead tired on Sunday my Content issue! Love it!


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