Monday, February 13, 2012

Road Trips

As a kid, my family was never a big "road trip family". In fact, my mother would much rather fly down to southern California than spend the eight hours it would take in the car. We would drive if we had to (2-4 hours), but we never went on a road trip as a vacation.

Since childhood, I have embarked upon (and enjoyed) a couple of different road trips. My first major trip came when I helped move my friend Tracy from Chicago to California. For some crazy reason we moved her in the dead middle of winter: February. The result was a fun story that deserves a post itself, but we were able to pull off the 2,200 mile journey in 3 days! Yikes!

My second major road trip was my honeymoon. Robbie and I decided to drive up the coast of California and into Oregon. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was wonderful to spend so much alone time with Robbie after such a stressful time of our lives (I hated wedding planning). Plus, we were able to set the pace for our entire trip and go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It was an unconventional way to celebrate our new marriage, but I wouldn't have wanted any other trip.

Did your family "road trip" when you were a kid?
(Photos: station wagon and blue bug)


  1. We never did any road trips as kids. We grew up with the world's largest station wagon with bright red interior and a ginormous horse head decal on the back window. The next mode of transportation was a VW van when NOBODY thought they were cool! I would have rather walked then to be seen getting out of either!

  2. my fam was and is a huge road trip fam. We have a trailer we'd hook up to the back and camp whereever we were headed! The farthest we ever went was colorado but montana was the funniest one to come home from. Just found out my parents are DRIVING to washington dc next summer! So crazy but so exciting!


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