Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Flu

I got hit with an awful case of the flu over the weekend. It started Sunday evening, after the big game and lasted through midday yesterday. I initially thought that I may have eaten too much of my friend Ali's delicious guacamole, but the fever and full body aches were a dead give away that my new found friendship with my toilet could not be caused by over-indulgence alone.

Luckily, my sweet husband took great care of me while I was in such a pitiful state. He set me up to watch really good television (Parenthood) and a great movie (The Help), and even made me lunch-in-bed. I don't think I've completely recovered, but I'm feeling much better and stronger today. I will admit I did enjoy resting up, but I was starting to get super antsy being in bed for so long!

Do you have any sick-day rituals? Or go-to remedies? 
(Photos: one, two, three, four)


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