Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barbados, EFCV - 2012

After we left Disney World, we embarked on a seven day cruise through the Caribbean. The water was clear and the weather was wonderfully warm. I have to say that I really do love the rain, but it was so nice to be warm, I mean really warm. We sailed with the Celebrity Cruise Line and stopped at five different islands; our first stop was Barbados.

Barbados is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. It is said that there are 365 churches on the island, one for each day of the year. Interestingly, there are also said to be just as many rum shops and distilleries as there are churches. I found the relationship between church and alcohol fascinating because a person could go to church, then grab a drink at different places each day of the year without ever repeating.

Once our ship docked, Robbie and I headed out for our first excursion. We went snorkeling at a shipwreck site right off of the coast. The ship sank in 1908 and had an entire coral reef growing throughout the ruins. As we were getting ready to jump into the water, the guide told us that the water was a bit cool, but that "they do not refer to the water as cold, rather it is refreshing"! For a second there, I was a little disappointed. I was really looking forward to swimming in bath tempered water. Turns out, he was just a spoiled local who did understand what wonderful felt like. But Robbie and I, coming from the icy Pacific, definitely enjoyed the 85 degree water!

After the snorkel portion of the excursion was completed, we had the opportunity to spend time swimming near the shore and bobbing in the waves (which is an all time FAVORITE past time of mine in warm water). The water is clear blue and the sand was soft and white. I felt as though I was in a travel brochure; it was so beautiful.

After the beach time, we took a 4x4 ride across the island (i.e. we sat in the back of a pick-up truck). It was so fun. We went through different villages, through sugar cane fields, and to the Atlantic side of the island. Just about the time we reached the Atlantic shore our driver pulled onto a narrow, residential street, hopped out to talk with the owner, and let us know he was going to see if he could get us something "special". Next thing we know, a man walked out to the truck and placed two baby monkeys in my arms! I could NOT believe what was happening. The baby monkeys were so small and hugging each other. I looked up at Robbie (who was staring in amazement) and had to remind him to grab the camera to take a picture.

After the excitement with the baby monkeys, we took a break at a beach on the Atlantic shore. The water was a deeper blue and there were giant rocks that were being eroded by the waves. We spent a few minutes watching the waves and letting the warm breeze brush our cheeks. From there, we headed back to the ship to fatten up on the free lunch buffet.

Have you been to Barbados? What did you do while you were there?


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