Thursday, December 22, 2011

Living in Small Spaces

I am so intrigued to read about people who live in unusually small spaces. I admire their creativity in how they utilize their space. I find myself inspired to live as simply as possible, but I'm unsure I could actually do it. Dwell recently featured a couple who are living and working in a small (600 square feet!) Seattle home. Here is how they've made it work...

Do you think you could live in 600 square feet or less? I think I'm too messy to make it work!
(All photos from Dwell)


  1. I've lived in less than 600 square feet for a year and a half now!

  2. I think our first apt was only about 750 sq ft. So we were pretty close ;)

    Andrew, who was that guy who designed really small living spaces?

  3. HGTV had a NYC apartment that was 120 sq.ft.!!!

  4. Rob - I guess you're right. Oh, how quickly I forget.

    Momma Ernst - I was so amazed at how he used his space. Every detail and part of the room had a specific purpose.

  5. rob, are you thinking of this guy?


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