Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Eclectic Room

How would you feel about a stallion leering over you as you sleep? Normally, I would answer "No thank you!" to that question, but I think this painting fits perfectly in the overall decor of the room. It seems busy, but the colors and character seem to work together. Also, I'm loving the grey wall; grey seems to go with everything.

Does this room have too much going on for you? Which elements would you like to incorporate into your own bedroom?
(Photo: Amber Interior Design)


  1. For myself, I was immediately attracted to the placement of the art on the wall and the fact that the gray compliments to room without being distracting. I also have to say, I love seeing the kitty on the bed. It says there's love in that house!

  2. When I went to Southern California for Thanksgiving I stayed at my brother's house. Got to sleep in my niece's bed (she's 10) with Justin Bieber watching over me.

    Livin' the dream.


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