Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wanderlust: Ireland

A friend of mine is currently traveling in Ireland. She spent a few days in Dublin and has since headed out for her "Irish road trip". Reading her stories and keeping up with her travels is making me feel reminiscent of my own trip.

One specific memory weighs heavier on my mind than others. It was our our last night in Ireland and we found a small restaurant that served breakfast for dinner (my favorite)! We settled into the small space, drank warm beverages, and enjoyed each other's company on the last night of our adventure. The restaurant was not traditionally Irish, but it was full of charm and spirit. It made me feel as though I was sitting in my own community, enjoying the company of my neighbors. It was a genuine experience I hope to hold onto and encounter again. 

Are there any travel memories you can't seem to shake? What destination are you currently dreaming of?
(Photos taken in Dublin, Ireland in 2011)


  1. That looks so fun. A perfect place for a hot cup of coffee/hot chocolate!

  2. It was! The cold weather, in addition to my friend's trip, is reminding me of the crisp weather we had in Ireland. Makes me want to go back...


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