Monday, November 21, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA

My bestfriend Julie currently works for a company that moves her around to different parts of the country for a few months at a time. She enjoys experiencing so many cities that she never would have before, but misses her family and friends. I definitely miss having her within driving distance, but I am excited for the adventure she is on. I also love when I get to visit her AND experience a city I've never been to before. Last Spring, I hopped on a plane and joined her for a weekend in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh is a city rich with history and full of friendly people. She took me to an outdoor market, a fish warehouse, and the top of Mt. Washington for an amazing panoramic of the city. I was surprised by how green everything was and how easy the city was to navigate. One thing that really threw me off was the humidity. Being in California, I don't run into sticky air very often, so I was a little bit of a wimp about it. Although I felt wilted from the heat, the amazing thunder storms more than made up for it. Thunder storms don't happen very often where I am, so being able to see the bolts of lightening and feel the rumble of the sky was a treat.

Julie also took me to a small town called Ligoneer. This cute little town was made up of four small blocks, with a round-a-bout in the center. We grabbed coffee and muffins at the local coffee shop and spent the morning exploring the little shops throughout town. I think I would have liked Ligoneer more if we hadn't visited on the day I was going home. I remember feeling sad all morning thinking about how our time would be ending soon (I'm horrible about this! I know I need to focus on the moment and cherish the time I do have, but it is a real challenge for me sometimes).

I would definitely visit Pittsburg again. The people were great, the city was fun, and I would love to spend more time exploring the historical areas. Unfortunately, Julie has since moved on to another city, so it looks like I'll have to visit somewhere else (oh, darn! :).

Have you been to Pittsburgh? What was your experience? Would you ever take a trip to Pittsburgh for fun?
(All photos taken by Julie or myself)


  1. gorgeous pics! Pittsburgh looks pretty. p.s. your hair looks amazing and not like you're in humidity at all.

  2. Thanks Sob! The pictures of me were actually from the third day, which was much less humid. I didn't include the ones of me with frizzy hair and a glossy face. Haha!


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