Friday, October 21, 2011

Have an Inspired Weekend!

Yesterday was a long, tiring day for me, and the lack of energy left me feeling uninspired. I had trouble writing, creating new material, or even looking at my favorite blogs. Usually, when I'm feeling this way, I'll peruse Pinterest or my favorite blogs to draw upon other's creativity. Some times, I just need a break. That is what happened to me yesterday. I needed time away from my computer so that when I did come back I had a fresh set of eyes.

My schedule is forcing me to continue this break (funny how it works out like that). This afternoon I'll be heading to Arizona for my best friend's sister's wedding. I'm thrilled about the trip not only because weddings are a blast, but also because it will be a full-blown ladies weekend (plus my friend Perry). I'm going to set aside my feelings of responsibility and not even think about my homework until I get back on Sunday (I wonder if Monday's post will be about stress :).

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you ever completely unplug?
(Photos courtesy of: Cannelle et Vanille and Martha Stewart)


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