Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has arrived! Today is the perfect day to eat lots of sweets, dress up in fun costumes, and give treats to adorable kids who ask. Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, but I always enjoy taking part in the festivities. I remember running from door to door trying to fill my pillow case full of goodies and begging my mom to let us go to one more street.

I also enjoy carving pumpkins. I prefer patterns over free hand, but I'm fine either way. That is until I saw some of the competition this year. My roommate Kevin drew a robot murderer (free-hand), and even included his victims beneath him, our friend Jeremiah carved Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas, Robbie skillfully carved the San Jose Sharks logo, and our friend Brent actually carved a portrait of San Jose Sharks Captain, Joe Thornton!

Bravo, gentlemen. The detail is amazing.

Did you carve a pumpkin this year? What is your favorite memory of Halloween?


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