Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Letter: Lovey-Dove

Today's love letter comes from my friend, Sarah, writing to her 18 month old daughter, Gigi.  Enjoy!

My Little Lovey-Dove,

I have been filled with this insane desire to package up all of your cuteness so I can remember years (even days) from now just what you sound like, look like, feel like and smell like. You are a full-fledged toddler now—walking, running, jumping and talking (at least making noises) and trying to keep up with Jesse. You say words like “juice,” “no,” “mam-ma,” “e-i-o” for the “Old MacDonald” song, and a bunch of other sounds that I understand and will someday be words that others can understand as well. For now, I selfishly enjoy being able to decipher exactly what you are saying. I do pray that I will continue to understand you in a deep and meaningful way as we both grow older.

You sleep (usually) through the night, but you have made it a habit to wake quite early and finish off your sleeping in our bed. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I enjoy having my own space, but, for those 2 hours, I LOVE to wake up and see your little chest moving up and down with your breathing, your pursed lips, quiet and peaceful, and always with your hand touching some part of me.

I love you.


Do you have a letter you would like to share?  (Email me at stacyernstblog at yahoo)


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