Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love Letter: Alison

Today's love letter comes from my friend, Alison, and it is written for her husband.  Enjoy!

My Love,

I'm sorry if it frustrates you that I haven't been able to clearly communicate my feelings lately.  I feel that we are in a big growth spurt, one that we've prayed for, and the challenges we face are due to the fact that without overcoming trials, our growth would be superficial. I appreciate and need your constant support and reminders that we will work this out, so thank you. You are right, we will. And my need for reminders doesn't come from doubt. Rather, it comes from a place of feeling as though my resources have been exhausted and I need strength to focus on the good of the fight. Thank you for always having an overflow and supplying me in times of need. You are an example of the kind of strength I hope to freely give when it is your supply that has run out. Thank you for continuing to pursue and confront problems, even when they are hidden deep inside of my insecurities and hesitations. Thank you for being open and vulnerable, and being sensitive to the times when I am able to do the same.

The two things I first noticed about you when we met are still the two things I see most in you. Your security and strength are found in God, and in all our trials, this is what keeps us afloat. Thank you for being open minded in all things involving our relationship, and giving me freedom and ease to do the same. You are undoubtedly, wholeheartedly my partner in this life.

I love you forever.

Your Alison


  1. That ones a tear-jerker (sniffle-sniffle).

  2. I agree! My eyes got a bit misty when I read it as well.


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