Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Canada!

Our dear friends Andrew & Lindsey are moving to Canada in the morning. Robbie and I were fortunate enough to spend time with them before they leave, but our social circle will be missing a major piece once they hit the road. Unfortunately, we are experienced in saying goodbye to great friends as they take on new adventures, but I am so excited for what lies ahead for them. I'm anxious to hear how Andrew deals with his first snowy winter, or how quickly Lindsey will fall into a normal routine.

{How cute are they?!}

Andrew has been a great friend and bandmate of Robbie's for several years. He is extremely creative, intentional, and thoughtful. Lindsey is wonderfully sweet; she is genuine and caring. She is a dear friend.

A&L - We will miss you, but are excited to come visit you! You'll be sure to let us know the best month to visit, eh?


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