Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today Robbie and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! I am so excited to celebrate for multiple reasons:
  1. This means I have spent the last 5 years with the most wonderful, humorous, humble man a woman could ask for.
  2. We are beginning legitimate marriage, so when someone asks, “How long have you been married?” I can say, “5 years”. Not that the first 5 aren’t legit, because they are, it just feels good.
  3. Since it’s a “milestone”, it means that we get to celebrate somewhere special.
When Robbie and I travel, we prefer to go to cool places in the summer and warm places in the winter. It gives a break from our current climate and helps us to really feel like we’re getting away. This year Robbie thought Monterey, CA would be a great place to celebrate each other, and I couldn’t agree more!
We were able to book a great room right in the heart of Canary Row. Some of my favorite features included: the in-room fireplace, the complimentary continental breakfast delivered to our room, our proximity to restaurants, our fabulous view, and the wonderful sound of waves crashing outside our window.
{The view from our hotel window}
Throughout the long weekend, we explored the aquarium, ate delicious food, and barely exercised to compensate for the extra calories. We drove the scenic 17 Mile Drive and were able to visit with a great family friend. Overall, it was a great weekend in which Robbie and I were able to enjoy each other’s company. We didn’t make any concrete plans, so we weren’t rushing to make time commitments or finish work. Instead, we were able to take each day moment by moment.
{A happy turtle at the Monterey Bay Aquarium}
What vacation destinations send you straight into a state of relaxation?


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